Our French Cuisine – Rustico NYC

Rustico is a restaurant that offers you two cuisines from continental Europe – Italian and French. We have taken the finest dishes from both cultures and present them to you in the warm atmosphere of our family friendly restaurant. If you have a craving for crepes, we have a wide range of both savory and sweet crepes available from our French menu that are the perfect snack or can be enjoyed as a dessert depending on your appetite. If you have a hankering for Italian, again we offer a range of authentic and traditional dishes including ravioli and carpaccio to tickle your taste buds.

Our Famous French Cuisine

French Cuisine

Rustico is a restaurant specializing in French cuisine in NYC, NY and we offer a wide range of classic Parisian dishes that bring you the timeless elegance of the most romantic city in the world to tantalize your taste buds. As a premier destination for fine dining, we offer you a complete and memorable dining experience where you really get the feel you’re eating out in the heart of Paris. We are a French restaurant the way French restaurants used to be back in time, where it’s all about the exemplary quality of the food and the company you keep.

We provide an enjoyable way for you to enjoy timeless staples from French cuisine like escargot or moules marinieres in the comfort of our traditionally inspired restaurant that recreates the romantic French style. Our friendly and attentive staff ensure all your needs are catered for and that you are enjoying your time with us and are on hand to provide you with recommendations on request. Our team are all knowledgeable on all aspects of French cuisine and can answer most of your questions. If you want to know which vineyard your wine is from, ask your server and they’ll be glad to fill you in!

Food is crucial to French culture and they are famous for being among the best cooks in the world, with traditional dishes that have inspired generations of international chefs. They attach critical importance to how tastes and flavors work together and so over centuries, French cuisine has been associated with sophistication and taste. We endeavor to bring you the whole French experience at Rustico in NYC, NY. Why don’t you check out our promotions on our Yelp page or join us for happy hour from noon to 7.00pm, Monday to Friday.
We guarantee you’ll enjoy our warm and welcoming ambiance where you can relax and enjoy the finest in French cuisine.